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Group Management

Henning Sveder (born 1969)

President and Group CEO

Henning Sveder holds a degree in economics from Karlstad University and has additional studies from the School of Economics in Gothenburg. Henning was most recently CFO of Qmatic Group and has previously worked as Snr. Finance Director at SVP Worldwide and Burger King Corporation.

Number of shares: 111.180

Number of share options: 100.000

Magnus Eriksson (born 1968)

SVP Sales

With a technical background, Magnus Eriksson has worked in telecommunications since the early 1990s. Magnus has held several leading positions within Ericsson AB, including 20 years abroad in China, Morocco, India, Malaysia, and the UK. Between 2016–2022, Magnus held the role of CEO at Transtema Network Services, where he also served as CEO of Transtema Datel for the last two years.

Number of shares: 143.183

Number of share options:

Tobias Martinsson (born 1977)


Tobias Martinsson holds a degree in economics from the Gothenburg School of Economics with additional studies from UTS Sydney. Tobias has many years of experience in controlling services from different industries and a background as a management consultant. Tobias has been CFO in the US and most recently comes from the role as CFO of Tranter International AB, responsible for European companies.

Number of shares: –

Number of share options: 15.000

Sofia Hermansson (born 1978)


Sofia Hermansson has studied Marketing and Business Administration at the Gothenburg School of Economics and Industrial Marketing and Purchasing (B2B) at the Chalmers University of Technology. Sofia has many years of industrial marketing experience in several international groups, such as Jungheinrich AG and Viega GmbH & Co. KG.

Number of shares: 3 252

Number of share options: 16.500

Per Swedberg (born 1967)


Per Swedberg holds a Master of Science in Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. Per has over 20 years of experience in various leading positions within Ericsson. Most recently, Per comes from a role as Business Support within TNS, but he will be responsible for the Group’s sustainability work in his new role.

Number of shares: 80.000

Number of share options: 20.000

Nina Jernemalm (born 1969)


Nina Jernemalm started out as a high school engineer and has a solid background in the construction industry as well as extensive experience in telecommunications. In addition, Nina has over 19 years of experience in leadership positions within Ericsson, including manufacturing and industrialisation. Since 2006, Nina has held leading positions in HR.

Number of shares: –

Number of share options: –

Charlotta Ungerth (born 1966)


Charlotta Ungerth is a computer scientist with a Master of Science from Chalmers and the School of Economics. Charlotta most recently comes from a role as Vice President IT & Info Security at Viaplay and has previously worked as CIO at Atea and also has a background in telecommunications.”

Number of shares: –

Number of share options: –